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To 3D models or not to 3D models

2011-10-10 20:00:21 by Big-Papa-Kitsune

I'm thinking, for my Sonic: Hi Seas Hijinx, I want to use 3D Models instead of the usual sprites that I have been doing for a long time. I already know where to find some(Garry's Mod since I also want to use the Demoman model as if it were sprites).

I also want to use the same poses that the Sonic Genesis sprites had since they were simpler in the number of frames used, plus some extra poses for the HFIL of it.

The reason is simply to try something new. Everything else will remain in sprite form while the characters are in raster 3D form.


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2011-10-10 21:22:51

I dunno. If we knew what kind of 3D models. I mean, like if they'll be too bulgy or fat, etc.

Depends on how they look. If they look good, go for it.

Big-Papa-Kitsune responds:

At, there are a number of 3D Sonic Models that originate from the newer Sonic games. I am looking for one that is close to the games they came from.


2011-10-11 15:25:44

I see em. Yeah, these look pretty good. You should use em.


2011-10-21 23:14:01

Yo, yo.

So, how's the flash goin so far, man?


2012-02-13 15:09:25

Maybe u should make the backrounds 3D it'd look more detailed


2012-02-13 15:09:26

Maybe u should make the backrounds 3D it'd look more detailed

Big-Papa-Kitsune responds:

Well, I may end up doing 100% Garry's Mod for Newgrounds since I found new ways to manipulate the ragdolls.

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