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Change of plans

2009-06-25 20:56:28 by Big-Papa-Kitsune

First off, you all saw my new flash: Sonictron Legends. If you haven't, go check it out. I did this simply because I enjoyed doing Sonic as Megatron

Second, my plans to my first Singing Fools project may have been changed. Why? This actually comes off of the passing of the King of Pop: Michael Jackson. So I may do a flash in his memory(And I have selected which song I plan on using. And here's a hint, it ain't Thriller).


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2009-08-03 16:14:53

Oh. I get the picture. Are you gonna make Mario and Sonic characters sing Michael Jackson songs?


2009-08-11 02:08:56

Smooth Criminal?


2009-09-03 17:26:26

Well, what song is it? "We are the World"?


2009-10-31 15:28:21

If not that, is it "Beat It"? Or "Billie Jean"? Or "Bad"? If it's none of what I mentioned is it a Jackson 5 song? If it is, is it "I'll Be There"?

Big-Papa-Kitsune responds:

Actually, I was thinking of the Earth Song as a means of sending a message.


2009-11-29 19:30:32

please don't give the pedophile an ego boost from beyond the grave, just don't, it is so ...... "bad" that he gets such a huge memorial in the first place


2009-12-21 11:53:02

The Earth Song, huh? Are Mario and Sonic characters singing that song? And What do you mean by sending a message?


2010-06-18 20:39:37

What got him this time? I don't see it.


2011-05-13 20:16:11

I hope you're still alive, Kitsune. I really wanna see more of your works.